4 Quadrants of Gut Health

How stress impacts the gut

Join Dr. Laura M.Brown, ND and Amanda Gazzola in an in depth conversation on the impact of stress on gut health. :


Health in Guelph is a podcast meant to bring the Guelph health community together. Hosted by Amanda Gazzola, she will be chatting with practitioners, nutritionists, coaches, and other members of our health community in weekly episodes.

This talk is all about gut health, digestion, sleep, inflammation and much much more. You’ll learn what’s changing in the body especially when it comes to digestion, inflammation, hormones and skin. You’ll gain a good understanding of WHERE to start and what you can start doing RIGHT now.

How does stress affect the gut?

What are the four quadrants of stress?

1. Emotional Stress/Genetics and how it relates to gut health

2. Sleep/Circadian rhythm and how it relates to gut health

3. Infection and Inflammation: how gut health impact skin, hormones, mood, digestion, sleep, dietary preferences

4. Exercise and diet and how it relates to gut health