Filling the Family Doctor Shortage

DID YOU KNOW? Naturopathic Doctors are trained as primary care practitioners. Ontario, Canada faces a shortage of family doctors, and an ND can help fill the gap. You are able to book an appointment directly with a naturopathic doctor and obtain primary health care in a pay for service model. The approach to care involves the same kind of blood work, medical intake and physical assessment. Naturopathic care is individualized medicine. It looks for the root cause of the issue and corrects nutritional, mineral and vitamin deficiencies. It uses food and lifestyle techniques as medicine as well as plant based formulas to remove obstacles to health and encourage the body’s natural mechanism of healing. Dr. Laura M. Brown is trained in pharmaceutical mechanisms of action and will ensure natural prescriptions do not interfere with any prescription based medications. Dr. Brown is able to prescribe natural desiccated thyroid and bio identical topical estrogen and progesterone.

At least 1 million Ontarians do not have regular access to OHIP based primary care. This shortage of doctors is not really new. Recently, the impact is felt more as the demand on medical services increases with the rise in population size and age. Fact Sheet: Ontario’s Doctor Shortage

A solution to the shortage

More about Dr. Brown’s Services

In Person and Telemedicine

Dr. Brown offers in clinic appointments for those available to come to the Guelph clinic. It is also possible for appointments to be on video or telephone so long you are physically in Ontario at the time.

There are many common health complaints well managed by natural medicine, people often are not aware of their merits. Acute concerns like skin rashes, acne, urinary track infections, menstruation concerns, hormone imbalances, sleep issues, headaches, strains and sprains, digestive concerns are all well managed with natural approaches.

Gut Health

Gut health is a huge part of Dr, Brown’s patient care because so much relates to the health of the gut. That’s the microbiome, or the bugs in your gut and their by products, 70% or more of the immune system and the health of the tissues lining the gut. For some, gut issues presents as constipation or diarrhea. Or gas, pain, bloating, or heartburn. Poor gut health also shows up as rashes on the skin, brain function, mood, joint and muscle pain, headaches, liver disease, diabetes type 2 and cardiovascular disease. It really can be more than a tummy ache.

If you have a cause for a health concern, need a medical professional and have the means to pay out of pocket for the convenience, cost and care of a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Brown is accepting new patients. Suggestion is an initial 60 min for more complex concerns, or initial 30min for single issues: book online now.