Join my colleague, Dr. Talia Marcheggiani, ND and me in her “The Good Mood Podcast” episode 45.

Here’s what Dr. Talia has to say:

We’ve talked digestion on The Good Mood Podcast: the structure and function of the vagus nerve and how putting your hands on can help diagnose and treat disease with Dr. David Miller, the gut microbiome and your trillions of little friends with Dr. Kim Bretz. BUT we can never talk too much digestion. As Dr. Laura shows us, there are multiple multiple angles at which we can examine, play with and learn about the gut.

This is what Laura talks about in her book: the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and structural elements of gut health. Her book is an exploration: first on the science of the gut–it’s structure, the microbiome, and how they relate to our health and then how our gut and mind interact, to how our gut might be our link to the spiritual world.

This is the beauty of naturopathic medicine, which I believe we highlight in this conversation: there are no protocols, no routine rote methods to healing. We assess, we do detective work, we respond, we guide and we play. There’s no linear path. It all DEPENDS (if you’ve ever asked me a question about your health, you know that that is always the answer—the dreaded Depends). But Depends isn’t just a diaper of an answer, collecting the faecal matter of uncertainty, even when it comes to the gut. Depends is a beautiful answer.

It means that we start with you and go from there. And where we go depends on all the factors we’re holding and examining and curious about and Laura really does that. Both with her book and this conversation. There’s so much to consider and we let the conversation meander and her wisdom emerge