Pristine air and spring fed rivers running down the mountain side. Mountain berries, fresh leafy greens. A hike, a stretch, a view. Breathing in. Breathing out. All the way out. Calm. Clarity. Peace of mind. Vibrancy in the soul. Strength in the body.

These are just some of the things that come to mind with the thoughts of detox. Truth is, your body detoxes all the time. It is doing it right now. You weren’t even thinking about it. Your kidneys, your bowels, your skin, your emotions, your lungs, your liver. Ah.. the liver. Greatest organ of detoxification.

It doesn’t have to come in a box

Detox doesn’t come in a box. It comes from personal activity, fresh foods, gentle exercise, and hydro (water) therapy. It can come from better choices of foods, cleaning and personal products. Improved air quality of the home – filtration, temperature, humidity are great places to start.

Remove obstacles

If your body is always processing things you throw at it, it has little time to do the day to day tasks. Think of washing your floor. Now think of washing your floor while kids and dogs and your partner keep going in and out with muddy shoes. Hard to keep up, right? Makes you feel like giving up a little too. Stop the mud and you have better chances of a clean floor.

Same goes for your body. Stop the alcohol, smoking, unnecessary medications (under prescribing doctor’s supervision) or supplements. Stop the greasy, fried foods. Stop the sugary sweets, breads and treats. Stop the over exercise. Stop the constant go-go -go. Stopping things can be just as important as starting things. Get out of the body’s way of doing a job it can do so naturally. Without you having to think about it.

Get the support you need

Dr. Laura M. Brown ND is a registered naturopathic doctor in Guelph and can serve anyone who is in Ontario.

Naturopathic doctors are really good at helping you manage stress, pain and fatigue. Dr. Laura is no exception. There are plenty of ways to climb the mountain. There is no one right way to detox. One way isn’t necessarily right for everyone. Personalized detox programs can be created just for you. For what you need. Right now. Maybe it’s estrogen overload in your peri-menopausal years. Maybe it is emotional regulation. Perhaps you need a GUT reset, to get the digestion working better. Or manual therapy to get better flow in the lymphatics. Lymph is our sewer system. It picks up our trash so we can process it. Your liver and kidneys must need help too. Dr. Laura will help you identify where your body needs the most support. You can work as a team to get you as far as you wish to climb the mountain.

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