De-Stress Program

Emotional Regulation

Your breath is the first gift of life. You take it with you everywhere you go. Use the breath and techniques of emotional intelligence and you can shift yourself into a physiological state of calm and clarity.

Emotions should neither be ignored nor placed in charge. They are meant to wash in, cleanse your soul and wash back out again. Each beat to beat variation in the heart is tied to a signature emotion. Some renew you and some deplete.

Have Heart

The heart communicates with nerve impulse, hormones, pressure waves and electromagnetic waves.

The heart is muscle. Muscle has memory and can be trained.

The HeartMath Institute has studied the science of the heart since the early 1990’s.  You too can learn HeartMath’s scientifically validated tools to embrace a sense of calm energy. You will learn to access your heart’s intuitive intelligence which can help shift your from feelings from frustration, anxiety, anger or resentment to become more balanced, joyful and productive.

De-Stress Program Details

In the initial appointment you will have your heart rhythms analyzed and will work through a couple of exercises to help prepare you for the weeks ahead. The techniques you learn will layer in one week at a time, over four half hour sessions. Just like learning a new dance routine or a sequence in any sport or skilled task, you will need to practice for 5-15 minutes per day in order to imprint upon your heart’s muscle memory. In-session biofeedback helps monitor your progress, however the key is to learn what it feels like in your body when you are truly in balance.

Time and time again, patients come back years after the De-Stress Program and say that it is one of the most life changing and sustaining skills they have for managing themselves in times of stress. Who doesn’t need a little more calm and clarity in their life?

Dr. Laura M. Brown is a certified HeartMath Practitioner. With personalized in session stress-busting techniques and biofeedback you can add life-long skills to combat anxiety, depression, fear, frustration and resentment.

Naturopathic Medicine exists to strengthen and encourage optimal health. It is a practice that addresses the fundamentals of disease. It honours and cooperates with the healing power of nature. 

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