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Naturopathic Medicine exists to strengthen and encourage optimal health. It is a practice that addresses the fundamentals of disease. It honours and cooperates with the healing power of nature. 

If you seek a caring professional who is a registered naturopathic doctor in Guelph with a functional medicine approach, you’ve come to the right place.


Green therapy


Time outdoors is significantly important to our well being. Fresh air, sunshine, the aroma of the plants around you and the energy they provide is irreplaceable for human therapy.



In addition to vitamin D, the sunshine offers exclusive benefits. While ultraviolet rays can damage the skin if exposed too long, the UVB rays can actually help skin conditions like psoriasis heal.


Plant Energy

Dr. Laura M. Brown, is a registered naturopathic doctor with a functional medicine approach. She focusses on stimulating the body’s natural mechanisms to repair damage and rebuild health. A HeartMath® Certified Practitioner and a level 2 Certified Gluten Free Practitioner, she holds the designation of ADAPT Trained Practitioner from Kresser Institute, the only functional medicine and ancestral health training company.