Microbiome: Early Life Development

Early life microbiota influences immunity, gastrointestinal health, metabolism, neurodevelopment, and overall infant health.  The infant gut must rapidly accumulate ten times as many microbes as the whole body contains human cells.

GUT Health Matters!

Poorly developed gut microbiome in early life increases susceptibility to the development of food allergy, asthma and autism, celiac disease, and more. There is an increased risk of obesity in 84% of children exposed to prenatal antibiotics in the second or third trimester and 46% in those delivered by C-section.  Infants fed formula have impaired immunity and altered metabolism.

You will even find out the two foods Japanese scientists found in the maternal diet that are associated with longer newborn sleep times!

Tune in with Kathy Fray and Dr. Laura M. Brown, ND to learn how to help a child develop and maintain a healthy microbiome before, during and after birth.

In this one hour session you will learn about factors that impact early microbiome development:

  • Maternal microbiome
  • Mode of birth
  • Site of birth
  • Antibiotic usage
  • Gestation
  • Breast or bottle
  • Environmental surroundings

Kathy Fray is an award-winning best-selling parenting author, passionate promoter of mothers-to-be accessing empowering maternity education, holistically-minded Midwife, and thought-leader of Integrative Maternity Healthcare information. By 2005 Kathy’s first book “OH BABY…Birth, Babies & Motherhood Uncensored” had rapidly become NZ’s No.1 go-to ‘bible’ on childbirth and infants – instantly becoming popular for her authentic ability to “cut through the PC crap” to talk honestly and genuinely about the motherhood journey.

Dr. Laura M. Brown, is a registered naturopathic doctor with a functional medicine approach. She recognizes patterns, removes obstacles and stimulates the body’s natural mechanisms to repair damage and rebuild health. She is a bestselling author of Beyond Digestion, owner of SOUTHEND Natural Medicine, a HeartMath Certified Practitioner, a level two Certified Gluten Free Practitioner and holds the designation of ADAPT Trained Practitioner from Kresser Institute, the only functional medicine and ancestral health training company. More info at southendguelph.ca

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