Aging, Memory and Microbiome

Aging for most means progression to inflammation and reduced immune capacity.

Adverse changes in the microbiome contribute to 16-18% of world-wide cancer.

On the contrary, a study of those who live past a hundred years, their microbiome is very unique and reflects the body’s capacity to digest proteins and respond well to inflammation[1].

Watch for news on probiotics that fight aging! Find out if you have a healthy microbiome!

Early studies observe how certain species can take polyphenols from our diet and use them to interfere with the misfolding of proteins. Misfolded protein is one of the key markers of Alzheimer’s disease[2]. Want to get a head start? Polyphenols are found in plant‐based foods and beverages, notably apples, berries, citrus fruit, plums, broccoli, cocoa, tea and coffee[3]. Yum. 

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