Executive Health Assessment

An excellent way to check in on your health status

Prevention is always key in health. What better time than now to check in yourself. For $500**, includes laboratory testing*, a one hour initial appointment and a thirty minute followup. A look at your blood will help will not only diagnose disease, but to catch things before they happen! Together with a comprehensive intake questionnaire and discussion about your health and goals, you will have a plan to keep you healthy for the long run. Additional laboratory and appointments to address additional health concerns are available and will be decided upon in your initial appointment.

If you seek a caring professional who is a registered naturopathic doctor in Guelph with a functional medicine approach, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Laura M. Brown, ND knows how to stimulate your body’s natural mechanisms to repair damage and rebuild health.

The assessment includes an overview of the function of your top organs:






Added nutrient panel* available for $214.

*Details of labs included available upon request and prices may vary over time.

**You pay as you go, no package fee applies.

The executive health panel is a great place to start if you haven’t had an appointment with your health care practitioner in over a year. It is a screening process to catch things early, or monitor areas where you have had difficulties in the past. Share your past blood work with me in your initial appointment to help me compare your current results with your past.

Healthy blood sugar levels, insulin regulation, lipid profile, vitamin D status, B12 status and blood profile all help keep you strong and fit. Your results determine the course of action. Your supplement regime will be updated to support a healthier you; cost of supplements extra. While this Executive Health Assessment is individual and may be custom fit to your specific health needs, (varying costs will be presented at the time of initial assessment), there is no obligation to change from the initial quote.