Nutrition and Diet

Therapeutic use of food

Therapeutic use of foods is a mainstay for naturopathic medicine. Dietary modification and or nutritional supplements often can address health concerns with fewer side effects and less complications than conventional medicine. 

Dr, Laura M .Brown, ND can help you evaluate and address:

  • food intolerances
  • nutritional deficiency or excess
  • dietary imbalances
  • methods to adopt and adapt to new diet lifestyles

Dr. Laura M. Brown, is a registered naturopathic doctor with a functional medicine approach. She focusses on stimulating the body’s natural mechanisms to repair damage and rebuild health. A HeartMath® Certified Practitioner and a level 2 Certified Gluten Free Practitioner, she holds the designation of ADAPT Trained Practitioner from Kresser Institute, the only functional medicine and ancestral health training company. Dr. Brown is located in Guelph, however she may treat anyone who is in Ontario.