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Maternal diet affects offspring for life

May 30 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


An expectant mother’s diet and the health of her microbiome can impact offspring for life.

What a pregnant and nursing mother eats affects generations to come. Optimal fetal development requires adequate nutrition. We know how important folic acid, iron, calcium, Vitamins D, C, B’s and choline are for a growing baby. Equally important are the foods that pose harm. There is growing evidence there are common foods consumed in pregnancy and lactation can contribute to a child’s development of hypertension, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and autism later in life.

Join maternity expert Kathy Fray and Dr. Laura M. Brown, Naturopathic Doctor and author of Amazon’s bestseller, Beyond Digestion in an organic conversation around critical choices current mothers must make to preserve the health of future generations.


Learn what foods are important to avoid and what ones to include to set your baby up for better chances of good health.