Tune Up

Sound and vibration therapy

Everything in the universe oscillates at a vibration. A vibration is a wave. Sound is a wave. vibration has sound. All things in nature oscillate at 136.1 Hz, or Ohm. The Ohm vibration helps restore the body’s natural biorhythms and cycles.

Naturopathic Medicine exists to strengthen and encourage optimal health. It is a practice that addresses the fundamentals of disease. It honours and cooperates with the healing power of nature. 

If you seek a caring professional who is a registered naturopathic doctor in Guelph with a functional medicine approach, you’ve come to the right place.

Ohm Therapeutics

Tuning forks that oscillate at 136.1Hz are applied to specific acupuncture points or applied in sequence along acupuncture channels. This can be a practical alternative to needles. Think of it like needle free acupuncture. Although, I do sometimes apply the tuning forks in addition to the acupuncture needles to provide additional therapy.

I first learned of vibrational therapy in a personal treatment session and simply loved the relaxation it provides. So now my patients enjoy Ohm therapeutics merged with my knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Some people come just for these sessions and simply love the feeling it generates.

The human body is 70-80% water and that is why applied vibrations work well – sound travels through water quite effectively. The vibration moves through the body, removes blocks, reduces pain and increases energy flow.

If you are interested in an alternative to massage or acupuncture for relaxation, consider a Tune Up.